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100% Natural, Made in USA
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Safe, Legal, Affordable CBD Solutions
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About US

Our journey into the world of CBD started in 2019 when one of our founders, Michael, faced with a major surgery to repair a failed piece of mesh in his abdomen set out to find alternatives to prescription narcotics for pain relief.

After many hours of reading promising research, Michael wanted to try using CBD to minimize having to take prescription pain killers.

As fate would have it, his lifelong friend Darren had recently started working at a CBD company and we sourced the purest CBD we could find.

4 days after a surgery involving 9 incisions and hundreds of sutures, Michael quit taking his prescription pain killers and started taking CBD instead.

Michael was so amazed by how well CBD worked for him, we decided we needed to help get CBD to other people so they could benefit from this pure CBD too!

As consumers of CBD ourselves, it was very important that we made sure we had were using a product that was guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants

As a result of Michael’s success in pain management with CBD, his wife Christina decided to try adding CBD to some of her natural pain relief products, face creams and other health and beauty products.

The benefit of adding CBD to our oils, soaps, lotions and other natural products became quickly evident. So we decided to start Pure Kona CBD.

Pure Kona CBD is dedicated to helping you